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A Safe, Clean, & Fun

Space To Grow

Their Home-Away-From-Home You Can Depend On
A Safe, Clean, & Fun

Space To Grow

Their Home-Away-From-Home You Can Depend On

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Mesa Dr, Farmington, NM

Located Just Off S Browning Pkwy & Southside River Rd!

Warm, Homelike Classrooms Perfect For First-Time Students

A small center that feels like home is perfect for first-time students. Big windows let in plenty of natural light, while spacious classrooms encourage exploration and discovery. Close-knit classes help parents connect and make lasting friendships that feel like family.

Dedicated Learning Centers For Exciting & Engaging Lessons

Your little one dives into hands-on activities and lessons in learning centers that engage and captivate them within their education. Watch them deepen their learning and double down on their knowledge in dedicated spaces for their favorite subjects.

Bilingual Staff Cater To Our ESL (English As A Second Language) Learners!

Bilingual Activities Help Boost Brainpower, Performance, & More

Bilingual activities and Spanish-speaking teachers help your child to learn a second language with confidence and fluency. Your child enjoys the research-proven benefits of learning a second language, including greater brainpower, problem-solving, memory, school performance, and more.

Hey New Moms! Enjoy Private & Dedicated Breastfeeding Spaces

Enjoy a space where you can feed your baby to ensure they receive the proper nourishment throughout the day––with privacy. Dedicated breastfeeding spaces allow you to hold, care for, and give your infant everything they need, whenever they need.

A Sparkling New Playground Ignite Fun, Daily Outdoor Play

Our new outdoor playground offers more than just fun – it actively boosts your child’s muscle and motor development. With carefully designed climbing structures, dynamic outdoor toys, and ample space to run, jump, and play with friends, every aspect is dedicated to maximizing their growth.
A Sparkling New Playground Ignite Fun, Daily Outdoor Play

Hey Parents. That’s Right—There’s No Registration Or Supply Fees! Plus, We’re Now Accepting Childcare Assistance & Private Tuition

Onsite Parking Allow For Quick & Easy Transitions

Onsite Parking Allow For Quick & Easy Transitions

You love dropping off and picking up your little one, knowing a private parking lot awaits you daily. Make your morning and evening commute seamless with a center that makes transitions easy, quick, and seamless.

Farm-Fresh Meals Nurture Heath & Support Local Providers

Experience a culinary adventure where every meal and snack is created from fresh ingredients sourced directly from local farmers and ranchers. Nurture your child’s taste buds with juicy fruits, crisp vegetables, and tender meats while supporting our community. Choose us to inspire healthy eating habits and foster a connection to local food providers. Join us in celebrating the flavors of our region and sowing the seeds for a lifetime of wholesome nutrition.
Privacy Fences, CPR-Trained Teachers, & More Protect Them

Privacy Fences, CPR-Trained Teachers, & More Protect Them

You feel at ease dropping your little one off each morning, knowing their safety remains the top priority. Privacy fences keep them safe during outdoor play, CPR-trained teachers keep a watchful eye, and every entrance stays locked, ensuring their safety.

Daily Sanitization Ensures Their Health Every Day

Your little one plays, learns, and grows within classrooms that stay squeaky clean as always. Teachers consistently sanitize, clean, and wipe every surface, play area, and learning tool, so your child remains healthy and happy.

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