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Room To Grow,

Play, & Learn

Incredible Indoor & Outdoor
Spaces On A 1-Acre Campus
Room To Grow,

Play, & Learn

Incredible Indoor & Outdoor
Spaces On A 1-Acre Campus

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving N. Auburn Farmington, NM

Near Brookside Park For Easy Access From Residential Farmington

A 1-Acre Campus Your Whole Family Loves

A full acre of space means more amenities for you! You enjoy safe, convenient onsite parking and a private nursing room. Your child has room to grow with separate buildings for different programs and abundant outdoor space to explore.

A Residential Area Means A Peaceful Place To Learn

Your child spends their days in the peace and quiet of a residential neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of loud traffic. They focus on growing, learning, and playing without distraction.

Yes! We Offer Transportation To & From School For Before & After Care! Proud To Be The Area’s Largest School-Age Program

Large, Colorful Classrooms That Keep Them Engaged

Your child’s spacious, bright, comfortable classroom has kid-friendly furnishings and their artwork and family photos for decor. Each room stays fully stocked with engaging materials and age-appropriate toys, and learning centers keep them busy with play-based enrichment.

Incredible Outdoor Amenities For Learning, Play, & Adventure

You have to see these outdoor spaces to believe them, and when you do, you’ll want to play, too! Having a full acre means your child gets to enjoy our investment in:

Plus, it’s just one block to Farmington’s largest park. Children visit Brookside 2 days a week in the summer for water play and more.

Health & Safety Measures Protect Their Well-Being

Feel confident in your child’s safety with daily cleaning and sanitization, restricted access entrances, locked gates and sturdy fences, security cameras, and CPR-certified staff to keep a watchful eye. Farmington police and fire services are just minutes away, too.

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5 - 12 Years​

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5 - 12 Years​

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